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We provide exciting and innovative coding and robotics classes for kids and teens. We blend kids’ passion for technology together with their creativity, love of making things and lots of fun to provide a stimulating learning experience.

We help kids lift the lid off their favourite technologies to understand how they work and inspire them then to build something new that they are proud to share.

We encourage critical thinking, creativity and collaboration under the guidance of talented educators. We extend kids’ logic, imagination and problem solving abilities in a supportive environment. Kids build foundational skills that have a positive impact across their academic, social and creative endeavours.

All our classes are hands-on. We bring all the technology to the class; you just need to bring your sense of discovery and creativity!

We provide in-school classes and incursions, as well as before and after-school clubs at locations across Sydney. We also run holiday programs and weekend ‘Hackathon’ events throughout the year.


Years 2-4

  • Introduction to coding using the Scratch coding environment from MIT.
  • Learn to build fun games and interactive media
  • Build and control robots with Scratch and code.

Years 5-6

  • Extend your coding skills with Scratch.
  • Move on to manipulate your Minecraft world using Python.
  • Customise blocks, use Redstone and code complex structures.
  • Even build your own devices to control your code and worlds.
  • Build remote control robots using a Rasp Pi.

Years 7+

  • Take Minecraft coding and customisation to the next level.
  • Learn the language of the internet with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Build games using leading game design tools.
  • Take robotic building to the extreme!

Design your own games to play with friends

Build robots that bend their will to your every command

Make virtual worlds with Minecraft, Python and real world electronics

Why Learn to Code
Let other successful innovators share their passion for technology and the benefits from learning to code.


Coding is fast becoming the world language

Coding and technology drives how we innovate, build and communicate. Those who know how to manipulate technology have a real advantage over those that don’t.

Learning to code teaches new ways to look at and solve problems. It combines mathematics, logic, algorithms, design and lots of creativity to produce something new and exciting in the world. Coding is a fun way to express your creative talents by creating infinite interactive worlds.

New computing curriculums are being introduced in schools globally as the importance of computer literacy in the 21st Century gets more focus. Australia needs these skills to ensure that we are at the forefront of innovation to drive future prosperity.

No more passive screen watching!

Why not turn some of that time your kids spend playing computer games and passive screen watching into an exciting learning experience? Our coding and robotics classes will enhance their technology skills, critical thinking and problem solving abilities and inspire their creativity.

Coding and the effective use of technology is a foundational life skill – in the same way mathematics, literacy and learning other languages provide skills that translate into other areas of life.

Learning to code and building robots gives your kids the understanding to create and innovate using technology rather than just being passive consumers.

Never again will it be this easy or intuitive for your kids to learn coding and to build solid science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills.

Kids have a passion for technology. Use this passion to drive their learning and expand their thinking and creativity in one of our coding and robotics classes.
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About Us

We are an established education provider based in Sydney and have been teaching classes to hundreds of children over the past six years. We provide pre-school and after school classes at many private and public schools each day of the week during the school term.

We are passionate about giving all kids in Australia access to fun coding and robotics classes. We want to ensure that kids are well versed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to best position them for future success.

We believe in the 4Cs – super skills for the 21st Century.

  • Communication– Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions
  • Collaboration – Working together to reach a goal – putting talent, expertise, and intelligence to work
  • Critical Thinking – Looking at problems in a new way, linking learning across disciplines
  • Creativity – Trying new approaches to get things done and driving innovation and invention
All our educators are fully trained and eager to share their love of STEM in a fun and entertaining way. We work hard to make sure we employ inspiring, dedicated and well-trained teachers in all our locations. We create thoughtfully designed programs tailored to our students and keep ahead of the game in best practice through research and professional development.


David, Director of Tech

For over 20 years, David has worked as an engineer and management consultant around the world building enterprise wide systems and helping organisations to protect their critical systems from hackers; even working as a ‘white hat’ hacker to reverse engineer technology to find security flaws in websites and electronic devices. He has trained security professionals across Europe, US and Asia.


My passion for engineering and technology grew out of building computers, writing games and tinkering with electronics in the 1980s and led to me studying Engineering at Cambridge University. This was at an exciting time during the explosion in technology use and the advent of the internet. I coded, built robots, played with artificial intelligence and got involved with tech start-ups.

As computing and electronic devices have become ubiquitous and closed black boxes, the tinkering, coding and hacking activities that were so much fun during the early hobbyist days of computing have been lost. We want to bring back into kids’ relationship with technology the fun and challenge of understanding how it works and the skills to create new things with it. This will ensure that our kids remain the masters of technology in the future.

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